March 14 2011, category: Clitoraid NEWS

A large number of Burkinabe women are now candidates for the surgery, so Maitreya Rael stated: “Instead of using Clitoraid’s collected money to operate on just a few women, we should create the first Raelian Hospital, the “Pleasure Hospital”, and operate on all African women, for free, with the help of Raelian or non-Raelian volunteer doctors.”

The facility is scheduled to be built in Bobo Dioulasso, Burkina Faso. It will be composed mainly of one operating room and two additional rooms. The total cost to build the facility and supply it with medical equipment is $200,000.

We need your help. By sponsoring our "Adopt a Clitoris" campaign and making a donation, you can help an FGM victim to celebrate her sexuality and stop FGM for ever.

With over $100,000 donated already, it seems to be working!

Marcus Wenner, Phd in Neuroscience and MSc in MedicalScience, explains more about the structure ...


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