Clitoraid expressing gratitude - 11/29/10

December 01 2010, category: Clitoraid NEWS
Clitoraid released today a special "thank you" to Shara Ross Climax Help for her support and generous donations. Thanks to her contribution and her help, Clitoraid is one step closer to reaching its goal of completing the construction of the first Pleasure Hospital in the world, located in Western Africa. Once the facility will be completed, thanks to the help of volunteer surgeons from around the world, free clitoral repair surgeries will be made available to as many victims of female genital mutilation (FGM) as possible.

Also imbued with a strong desire to help, Shara has made it a personal goal to helping women conquer the intercourse “orgasm barrier” by educating and informing. She believes sexual oppression in our society is the root cause of sexual ignorance. Here is how she discovered Clitoraid:

"I discovered CLITORAID after having attended the Everything to Do with Sex Show in London, Ontario, Canada. The moment I became informed of their advocacy, I knew I wanted to help! I am elated to know that there are people willing to donate their time and effort to help women gain back what is a true blessing and gift that was given to them as a part of their birth right."

Clitoraid hopes that many more individuals like Shara will continue to step forward and publicly express their support and desire to help. No contribution is too small when it comes to helping women regain their sense of dignity and pleasure. Clitoraid is a non-profit organization that has been granted tax-exempt status. Therefore, all donations are tax-deductible.