Report of the activities against female genital mutilation in Burkina Faso

June 17 2011, category: Clitoraid NEWS
On the occasion of the celebration of International Day of Zero Tolerance of Female Genital Mutilation on the last February 6th, we have conducted awareness campaigns against FGM and promote Clitoraid with the restoration of the clitoris in Burkina Faso and Gabon.

In Gabon by Ndjala

Tuesday February 8, we closed our action with a show on radio station Africa No. 1 with the same theme Excision again.


In Burkina Faso by Edjibié

In Burkina Faso, we started our outreach in the cities of Bobo-Dioulasso and Ouagadougou targeting private schools and high schools. We were dressed in t-shirts AVFE (Way of the Feminine Fulfillment Association), an association of Burkina Faso affiliated to Clitoraid.

Sunday February 12, we participated in a broadcast of Ouaga Radio Fm. Edjibié, Clitoraid local coordinator, says:

"As expected Fahir and myself went to Ouaga Radio Fm for the program powered by the charming Kadi DRAME, a famous actress.

Were invited: Nadège TIENDREBEOGO, LLB student who has been challenged by the theme of the show, Adama SAWADOGO, member of the management of social action, Assita KONATE, information secretary and accounting clerk for "fan club Ouaga FM radio," Fahir DA member AVFE, Edjibié KANKOUAN, President of AVFE branch of Ouagadougou.

The theme of the topic "Why excision persists?

The program lasted two hours including one hour of debate followed by an hour dedicated to the interventions of listeners.

The discussion was very rich and exciting including the fact that female listeners had the courage to call to share the stories of their poignant experience. They have launched a heartfelt cry to all circumcisers to abandon the practice.