Clitoraid @ Brisbane Sexpo

August 08 2011, category: Clitoraid NEWS
Another year and another Brisbane Sexpo, July 2011, the Clitoraid Team in action again.

It was a Fantastic four days and the team came together in fine form raising collectively $2740 and bringing awareness about FGM. Again we had an exceptionally positive reaction from the public. We found that people who were aware of FGM were absolutely happy to see that there was an organisation that is directly helping the victims of FGM.

They were very interested to learn that we are building a hospital to offer victims reconstructive surgery and conducting educational campaigns to end this terrible practice. For the bulk of people FGM is new news and they have no idea that this sort of barbaric behaviour exist. They were equally supportive and happy to help with donations to see an end to this barbarism. They were very pleased to see that we have a pro-active organisation in Clitoraid to help the victims.

We are so lucky to have the support of the Sexpo Organisation which is running these events around Australia. They are very happy to donate a stand for our use and give us plenty of support for access and participation etc.

This year we optimize our time and fundraising possibilities at Sexpo by selling different products like beautiful T-Shirts, Badges and Stickers. They had a great success especially the badges :-)

I wish to thank all who played a part in what has been a true success: Chrissie, Anabela, Judy, Anna, Saul, Bertrand, Hans, Jacques, Doc, Ian, Veronique and Peter. The team was fantastic as always.

Before Sexpo, during our Clitoraid meeting the team had new ideas to bring to the event like: Hans prepared a special Clitoraid video for Sexpo, Saul had the great idea to propose to the public a ‘Direct Deposit Form’, Anna’s idea was to have the ‘Desert Flower’ picture on the Stall. We also have a follow up form for the people who will be interested in receiving our Clitoraid News Letter.

We all had a great time and it was one of the best Sexpo’s we have had, a truly powerful success. We are very lucky to have this opportunity with Clitoraid to help our sisters worldwide who are victims of FGM.
Lot of Love

Clitoraid Oceania Co-ordinator