Clitoris Awareness Month: Clitoraid invited to International Clitoris Summit

May 16 2023, category: Press Releases
San Francisco, May 15, 2023 – During the annual Clitoris Awareness Month in May (which coincides with Masturbation Month), the non-profit organization Clitoraid will participate in the International Clitoris Summit online organized by the women's organization,, on May 20th. Indeed, Dr. Bowers, Clitoraid’s volunteer Head Surgeon who has operated on over 600 patients, victims FGM since 2009, was graciously invited to be one of the guest speakers during the Summit and Nadine Gary, Clitoraid’s director of Operations was also conveyed to co-host the event.

“We are delighted to be part of this clitoris empowering venue so vital to all women’s sexual health” says Nadine Gary. The full day Zoom event, 9 to 5 pm (pacific), will gather an impressive panel of 17 international guest speakers, be they OB GYN or urologist surgeons, doctors, sexologists, historians, artists who will share their vast professional knowledge and experiences to continue rehabilitating the clitoris in women’s minds and bodies and in humanity as a whole. During this 8 hour-conference, the mighty clitoris will take center stage in all its splendor, its remarkable mental, emotional and physical health properties linked to its endless pleasure possibilities will be featured - shame and guilt free - at last."

“Education is key, starting with learning about the clitoris’ true anatomy which wasn’t even discovered until the very end of the 20th century!” says Nadine Gary. She refers to Australian Urologist, Dr. O’Connell whose MRI breakthrough scientific research led to fully mapping the structure of the clitoris in 1998.

"To be clear, the clitoris is more than a nerve-rich button near the pubic bone. That’s just the visible part, called the glans” says Dr. Bowers, adding “the organ actually extends inches into the body in a winglike formation, its entire structure responsive to arousal cues.”

“The size of the penis and the clitoris are anatomically similar; one extends out of the body and the other stays mostly tucked in around the vulva.” informs Gary

This crucial anatomical information is what makes the clitoral restorative surgery possible since the surgeon has ample clitoral material to bring up to the surface once the scare tissue caused by the childhood genital mutilation endured by FGM victims has been cleared.

“However, the surgery is only half of the road to sexual pleasure recovery. Another fundamental aspect to our patients’sexual health is physical, mental and emotional therapy to help them overcome not only the trauma but also the sexual guilt and shame,” explains Gary. And in that regard, many non FGM afflicted women around the world share the same predicament because they’ve been “culturally and socially circumcised.”

That is why Clitoraid highly recommends venues such as the International Clitoris Summit because they are vital to all women’s sexual health around the globe.

"Our NGO reflects wholesome sexual values inspired by the Raelian philosophy where guilt and shame do not exist" says Gary.

The Summit is free, you just need to register in advance.