A touching testimony

November 17 2007, category: Clitoraid NEWS
We received this very touching testimony today on our website... Mutilated women aren't only in Africa!!!

I am XXX, a 23 year old Somali refugee now residing in XXXX. I was circumcised as a young girl while still residing in Somalia. Even until very recently i was made to believe that it was 'good' to be circumcised and as a result i had never fully understood the consequences of this evil practice. Recently i started my university education and have moved out of my parents' house. As a result of this new found freedom i started exploring my sexuality. I thought sex was supposed to be this amazing experience but for me it was extremely uncomfortable and unsatisfactory. I feel like i have done everything to educate myself and escape from the shackles of a restrictive and patriarchal culture but lately i have realized that i've been disarmed by them, possibly for life. I feel like my own parents, my own people, my own culture has failed me. They have taken away from me what is essential to me for my self-identity, my womanhood. I see other women and i feel like i'm lacking something. I am constantly preoccupied by this thought and this has started affecting my psychological health. I do not know who to turn to for help. I came upon your website by chance and it gave me some hope.

will you help me?

The first week of April, this young woman was operated on by a French surgeon in Paris. Clitoraid sponsored her operation and it was also the occasion for our first benevolent doctor to be trained. As soon as we have news from her we will let you know, if she wants to share.