Why Sponsor the "Adopt A Clitoris" Campaign?

The goal of Clitoraid’s “Adopt a Clitoris” program is to create real, long lasting changes for women who have been forced to experience clitoral excision or genital mutilation against their will. To rebuild the female clitoris, a local anesthetic is applied so no pain is experienced when the surgeon uncovers the root of the original clitoris left after the excision. This root and tissues will become the new clitoris. The procedure takes 6 weeks for a woman to completely heal, with sexual pleasure and genetic normality being the end result.

Most of the women in Burkina Faso cannot imagine having the money for such an operation. For most of them, it would be like spending two year's salary!

Clitoraid is committed to provide these operations for free to as many women as possible. We will minimize our operating cost to the minimum, having mainly benevolent people involved in the whole process. But in order to provide such a service to the millions who have been mutilated, we need your help. By sponsoring the "Adopt a Clitoris" campaign and make a donation that will partly or fully cover the cost of the surgery you can help bring the female body back to its true form and make a statement that you are against this barbaric practice. Imagine all the young girls who are dreaming to be whole again. You can make this wish come true, and be fundamental in the cease and desist of clitoral mutilation of the future!

Come and visit us often and check on what we have been able to achieve!