News Item: Clitoraid attended the Erotic Fair in Hasselt for the the second time
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Posted by Clémence
24 Nov 2012

By Monica Marcucci, Clitoraid coordinator in the Netherlands and Flemish

BelgiumOn November 17th and 18th, Clitoraid participated in the “Erotica, Body and Beauty” fair in Hasselt (Flemish Belgium). We have had a stand there before, so it was nice that people remembered and recognized us !

The stand definitely caught the attention and the interest of the visitors of the fair. We were very close to the stage, where sexy shows were performed every hour, and big banners which explained FGM, its physical and psychological consequences, the reconstructive technique of a French surgeon, testimonies from Banemanie, and much more…

Of course, we could not miss the opportunity to present Betty Dodson at this fair, as we highlighted a big banner with Dr. Dodson's support for CLITORAID. Betty DODSON is a sex educator and international authority in women's sexuality. Indeed, so much attention was focused on sexual pleasure, in particular female sexual pleasure at this fair, seen all the different kinds of vibrators and erotic gadgets being presented.

We raised in total 188,25 € and most importantly, we contributed to raise a great deal of awareness about FGM and to inform the attendees of Clitoraid's activities. Two people who took our leaflet confided that they knew someone who had suffered from genital mutilation. Therefore, our hope is that our actions will help them!

I had the opportunity to give an interview about Clitoraid’s Pleasure Hospital and aims with a journalist from “Het Belang van Limburg”. Thanks to everyone for participating in this erotic fair.

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